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Zamboni Spanking Bench                                   $390.00

This is the "Zamboni Spanking Bench" built with the victims comfort in mind; it has adjustable arm rests for the best natural positions. It has multiple heights from the very tall to the very short.

The Zamboni Spanking Bench is hand made to match the victims size, height, weight, and body style. Every bench is custom made to order...

The old "Horse" style design limits the playable areas and is painful to the victim.

With my design you have comfort and full access for Anal play, CBT and Vaginal play if you so desire...

Features a flip up rear kneeling compartment for storage, It has adjustable 4 position arm rests.

Optional wrist & ankle anchor tie downs for keeping your victim locked in place.

SKU# ZSB101  Zamboni Spanking Bench without hardware                                                                     $390.00

SKU# ZSBH101    Tie Down Hardware                                                                                                     $20.00